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Sifu tells a tale of revenge and, like another famous character (Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki), he will track down the organization that killed his entire family, so as to settle the score. This path of revenge will prove to be more insidious than expected, so much so that it could engage our practitioner for life. Game with solid mechanics and technically successful.

Activate Photo Mode: D-pad down

(Has a fast response between activation, deactivation of photo mode and re-entry).

Camera freedom: vote 9

Great freedom of the camera also considering the data spaces. There is almost a feeling of absolute limited freedom even if it is not but you can really move with breadth. The approaches, especially with the characters, create an overall texture screening preventing you from particular shots.

Zoom is built well and does not deform the shot you are going to take. Landscapes are very open even if you have to be good to make them but the satisfaction is great. For the portraits and the details it will be very subjective because getting too close you will see more of the stroke effect of the game.

This is to your taste.

Camera adjustment: vote 8

Another positive note, we see that the studios have worked well on the photo mode because the controls are light and millimeter. Even if the rotation is possible to bring it to the maximum of 90 ° you have a circular viewfinder with the angle of degrees. The rotation is performed by sliding the image on the center of the frame even if you are with the camera close to the ground.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 7

Activated with the options key.

You enter a dedicated submenu where it is not possible to change the shot.

We have different modes for adjustment starting from the easiest which is the one on the subject (almost automatic adjustment), manual (where you can make all the adjustments you want) and none.

At first glance it seems to work well but it clashes with the submenu issue, I'll get to that in the speech.

On the subject adjustment, keeping a narrow aperture, I noticed that the automatic focus is done, a little coarse, but noticeable if you keep the zoom very close. It is great for both novices and those who want specific adjustments.

On the manual adjustment you can obviously adjust a lot since it calculates the distance centimeters.

Have you been within 5 mt. and have you made all the opening and closing adjustments to the limit?

If you move the shot everything is canceled so consider keeping this adjustment as the last part before shooting.

Ability to change the character: vote 9

Activated with the Y.

You enter a simple, intuitive and varied submenu.

You can show your character, take him out, take out enemies and take everything out. I think you can't ask for more ..

It is possible to modify the protagonist in 3 static and 6 dynamic positions with the possibility of adjustment. All 9 can be rotated in place by 360 °. Absolutely great!

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 6

Activated with the X key

You enter the submenu dedicated to photographic adjustments.

We have an exposure adjustment that is difficult to use because the game has very bright areas but also a lot of dark indoor areas. It is a very limited exhibitor and unfortunately also acts as a contrast regulator. It is a halfway instrument where it does not perform any of the 2 things well.

Filters: vote 7

Within the photographic submenu there are 12 adjustable filters. At first glance they are various but both have limitations on the possibility of expression. We can really color our shots in many ways and even save them. As in Days Gone it will be possible to save presets at your convenience without repeating certain adjustments.

Frames: vote 9

You don't have playful or colorful but simple frames. 5 frames that contain everything you need for your shot: square (1: 1), 4: 3, widescreen (16: 9), 1.85: 1 and 2.35: 1 .

The choice to write them like this is really stylistic and cinematic at the same time. Our shot will change according to the frame you choose and it's fantastic.

Logo: vote 5

The logo can be inserted in 2 different colors (black and white) and can be positioned in 4 different points (in the upper and lower corners). It cannot be adjusted in any way or rotated. Really limited this possibility that I think very few will exploit.

Vignetting and Film grain: vignetting and plain film grain where you can adjust the intensity and not the amount. They are not heavy or bad vision at maximum and minimum adjustments.

Fog density: its insertion is an excellent choice because it increases the diversity of the shots. It works well and increases the sensitivity of the clear but you must not abuse it because activated it appears immediately on the shot.


The freedom of the camera is proportional to the shooting possibilities of the character. Your shots will come out with a directorial and photographic style.

The many submenus create confusion.



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