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Jesse finally arrives at the FBC (Federal Bureau Of Control), the secret government organization that kidnapped his brother Dylan and deals with unexplained or supernatural phenomena.

Upon entering, she discovers that former warden Zachariah Trench has apparently committed suicide with her Service Weapon. Jessy's Gun allows you to make contact with the Council, a cryptic entity living on the Astral Plane, thus becoming the new Director of the FBC. From now on, with the help of his new underlings he will have to both try to find and free his brother, and try to stop HISS, an evil supernatural force that has quarantined the Oldest House by taking over many of the employees and is threatening to invade the world.

Activate Photo Mode: Start and Photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 9

One of the photo fashions with the widest scope to achieve what you want. You can really go very far and the zoom allows that further distancing generating huge landscapes with the only flaw that the image is a little altered. On the close-ups the speech is reversed to perfection because Jessy is always in focus and you can cross it without problems.

Camera adjustment: vote 5

The rotation of the camera reaches up to 180 ° which is a great advantage. Sore point of this set up is given by the method used. When you rotate, the axis does not stay centered, forcing you to correct the shot on the horizontal axis. Once the image is flipped it will be impossible for you to adjust the frame up and down. I think it is a defect or an error of the photo mode.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

We find focal distance with a decent measurement but sufficient for the closed environments of the game and an aperture that starts from f / 0.5 to an f / 64.0. Let's say that as settings we can perfect many particular and abstract effects, unfortunately, however, the polygons of the game are not sufficiently three-dimensional. Jessy is either blurred as a whole or defined and this does not allow us to give it depth.

Ability to change the character: vote 7

Fortunately Jessy has multiple possibilities. We can position it as we want while we play giving it a lot of prominence but within the photo mode it is not possible to make changes. Paradoxically we can take away her or her enemies or both which is a very good thing.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: assent

The biggest problem with this photo mode is the lack of these adjustments. The whole Bureau maintains regular lighting but we have several dark areas and others with intense light effects.

Filters: vote 9

We have 12 filters to choose from. The changes in each one are clear-cut and very well done except for the Hiss ones that I need to be dosed with taste. Overall, however, even for a novice, it is definitely a set up well done.

Frames: assent

It is not possible to have any type of frame

Logo: assent

No logo system has been added

Visual speed: a comfortable system especially if you lower it to a minimum to make small adjustments and adjustments.


Jessy is really varied as a character and the game is so beautiful artistically that the shots are automatic even if it will be possible to make small changes to your shots.



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