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Ghostwire: Tokyo

Report Photo Mode

Activate Photo Mode: Start and Photo mode

The photo mode doesn't pause the game

Camera freedom: vote 6

The camera takes place on first person view and fortunately can be bypassed with the Selfie (F key keyboard or Y key controller). We have a very limited freedom bound by very sharp structural limits. The character if put to perform a movement while you are inside your camera will stop and return to the basic position. It is not possible to move the FOV away but it is only possible to approach it but also here without going into detail: the result is at most a close-up of the subject.

Camera adjustment: vote 7

The rotation of the camera, also possible here only if we are in Selfie, allows a 360 ° rotation on the central axis of the frame. An excellent function but left free because there is no indicator to determine the angle.

Aperture and focus adjustment: absent

There is no focus or no field correction feature with the dayone patch. Such a feature would help make every shot very effective,

Ability to change the character: vote 5

In Selfie mode you can change the position of the character. The functions are very limited because I found 3 poses included: thumbs up, bow and a Japanese ballet. At the moment I don't know if different postures are included in the game or will be patched.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: absent

The same goes for aperture and focal distance: if some kind of adjustment were present, every shot would gain. It is really a shame not to have the ability to adjust the shots.

Filters: vote 5

The function of the filters seems sketchy to me because we only have 2 filters: monochrome and sepia. Monochromatic creates an interesting effect, with very accentuated black tones but with a very dirty watermark. The sepia filter has an additional white frame not present in the others and a lower texture. It is possible to unlock other filters such as the Pencil Filter by completing side quests. I did not like this function even if it is present.

Frames and Logo: absent

It is not possible to insert any element to render a picture or to put the game logo to characterize it.


The art-level game world looks truly incredible for Tokyo, the enemies present and the atmosphere.

The poor ability to correct our shots in photo mode leads more experienced photographers to feel less motivated. I am hoping for a future patch to implement basic functions such as lighting and focus adjustment.



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