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Horizon Forbidden West

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It is recommended that you have played Horizon Zero Dawn

After 6 mounths, Aloy continues the quest to save the world, his dying world. She has become the savior but it is not enough because Sylens has from her ADE and beyond. Aloy will have to go to the farthest lands called the Forbidden West to look for him.

Talking about the photo mode of Horizon Forbidden West will inevitably lead me to talk about the first title because the structure is similar. I recommend you read Horizon Zero Dawn review.

Activate Photo Mode: Option and Photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 8

I noticed a small step backwards on the camera from the point of view of freedom. It is really a small but obvious thing when we compare the 2 titles. The "bubble" of movement is more limited and it is difficult to make Aloy smaller in a large scenario even using the focal distance.

The zoom, on the other hand, is really wide, leading us to see very close and close details. As in the first title you will not be able to force getting close because you will run into blur. The adjustment of the focal distance has some lengths, finally, too fixed, however, because it scales to 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and then goes up to 40mm, 85mm, 100mm and 180mm. That difference is felt a lot in the way of small adjustments. I'm glad they put it in the lens settings.

Upgrade 1.07

Now it is possible to adjust from 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, up to 20mm away. Zoom in implemented with 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 58mm, 60mm, 105mm, 135mm, 180mm, 200mm up to 300mm

Major Upgrade

Added Filmgrain to photo mode. It is possible to adjust the Intensity: low values have small grain, high values increase the size of the grain. Based on the idea of the shot you want to give it will be particularly useful.

Camera adjustment: vote 7

The rotation always happens up to the right and left of 90 ° maximum but to date there are some things that don't work. If I enter the Photo Mode and dedicate to rotate the view, the inclination takes place keeping the center of the shot as the focus. This is fine and is what happened in the first. If we decide to move the angle and rotate, the inclination no longer occurs by keeping the center but by slipping the shot. It also happens in other games with good photo fashions this situation. Automatically creates the problem if I want to take a shot from the bottom up because the rotation modifies the whole shot bringing me to a frontal view. The same problem is present in the first title.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

Similar to the first but improved. the three-dimensional elements are embraced more especially we see it by keeping the aperture very low: we can make more or less blurred details isolating what interests us.

This feature has been greatly improved.

Ability to change the character: vote 9

It was already possible to change Aloy's posture, if held on the ground, but the staff wanted to increase the experience.

The variations now are not Aloy standing or sitting but also in flight. It is possible to choose between 52 poses, some already seen, guaranteeing completely different shots.

The facial expressions, a sore point of the first, have now improved a lot and she boasts of 40 choices.

The face paints, unlocked in the first in Ultra Hard Mode, are now enriched with other new and really well done ones.

We can also decide to put or remove the character.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 7

Guerrilla Staff did not want to change this setting which works but personally I find it limiting. The ability to adjust the contrasts is important to have an excellent final quality but it is not sufficient only with the use of overexposure. Brightness is an integrator of the latter and nothing more. By increasing both settings to their maximums we never achieve either pure white or pure black.

Filters: vote 10

13 filters to use with intensity adjustment and I noticed a better percentage balance. I found myself using filters in this chapter that I didn't use in the first one because they allowed me a greater integration on the base image. I was able to increase certain shades of blue by sacrificing some more pronounced reds since the title has much brighter tones.

Frames: vote 8

We have all the edges of interest plus a few variations of black and white frames.

Nothing new has been integrated.

Greetings, which I personally deem unnecessary.

Logo: vote 7

We always have the possibility to place the logo among 6 possibilities. In three positions above the screen and below.

It is not possible to change the position, size or rotation.

Time of day: It is always possible to adjust the time of day once you arrive in the Forbidden West in the story phase. The timelapse speed has been added, which is very useful if you like to make active Photo Mode videos. A very interesting addition that I recommend you to experiment because it could be the future of Virtual Photography.

Vignetting: It is possible to adjust its size and intensity. A clarification for the more experienced: during the game a small amount of vignetting is always active and if you set the intensity to 0% you will remove it completely.


It always remains an excellent photo mode after many years. The additions of poses and expressions will characterize your every shot making it unique but the rotation problems, the fixed logos and the zoom with tight adjustments do not make it take that leap in quality.

Fantastic photo mode for newbies for its artistic richness.



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