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Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.07

Technical improvements have been made in terms of camera corrections.

The most important is on the Precision Mode. In the first version of the game there was no obvious control system in fact enabling or removing it did not affect. Precision Mode now significantly slows down camera movement allowing for those last minute accuracies. It is a function that was used above all for small changes to the shot.

The most interesting and certainly working update are the Focal Distance adjustments.

As I wrote in my Review, it was a problem especially if you were looking for visual distances because it was missing in the settings: Now you can adjust from 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, up to 20mm.

Unfortunately, to date, the distance deforms the view.

Very important approach adjustments have also been included because you don't have to lose some shots.

I await the correction of the focal distance without deformation and the correction of the rotation on the central axis.

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