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Horizon Zero Dawn

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The story follows the adventures of Aloy, a huntress who lives in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by hostile robots (the "Machines"), where humans are gathered in tribal factions. Having lived since childhood as an outcast from her own tribe, Aloy decides to find out why and to seek answers about her past and the calamity that has struck humanity.

Activate Photo Mode: Option and Photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 8

We have a lot of freedom over long distances. We have the possibility to create landscapes with Aloy with very small dimensions. On the other hand, when we get closer, the discourse changes. As soon as we get too far into the character's range she will start to blur as if she were out of focus. I appreciate this choice rather than pixel grain. The field of view, if we approach it, allows us to earn a lot especially to see the details. A good job has been done.

Camera adjustment: vote 7

Left and right adjustments up to 90 °

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

The focus and aperture adjustments are done very well. In opening f / 1.2 we have some blurs to define and the three-dimensionality of the subject is clear even if not perfect because it grains on the polygons of the graphic engine.

Ability to change the character: vote 9

We have many variations of choice of the pose of the character, I don't know adjustable, but they allow us to choose. The possibility of placing Aloy sitting or standing guarantees us a creative freedom that is not always present in photomodes. We can also change the face of the character even if the expressions are not so particularly characterized. We can also decide to put or remove the character.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 7

We have 2 brightness adjustments and the ability to adjust the contrast is absent. The management of these 2 elements is not common in photomodes but allows us to make very photographic adjustments. The choice was dictated on a photographic level and not as if it were post-editing adjustments

Filters: vote 10

13 filters to be used with intensity adjustment. The choices are incredible because we also have 3 black and white adjustments based on the effect we want to create. The quantity of filters is not the only reason for the high rating but it is precisely the characterization of each filter because they are adjusted to the extreme to ensure different effects on each one.

Frames: vote 8

We can use all the frames that we usually find: ultrawide, square and polaroid. We also have variations in white and some more artistic.

Logo: vote 7

I admit they could have done a more thorough job. We can adjust the logo on 6 points in the shot and it is not even possible to insert it in the middle. The shots take a very postcard effect for how it was chosen to insert it.

Time of day: We can also adjust the time of day with truly spectacular effects. Each shot is unique from every point of view.

Vignetting: You can adjust how to handle it in several ways. A noteworthy work.


An avant-garde photomode even if it is a 2017 game. The possibility of changing the time, the character and the extreme filters make each shot unique.


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