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Horizon: Zero Dawn or Forbidden West?

Let's sum up the Photo mode of both titles.

In this article I don't want to explain who is better but to do an analysis on the Photo Modes of both titles. I will not do story or equipment spoilers as the mechanics remain the same throughout the game with the exception of the time of day which is unlocked with the story. That's the only option that for plot reasons wants to stay that way.

Let's start by saying that some settings have been moved and others added. The focal distance has been moved to the section dedicated to focus adjustments. Popular choice.

The precision mode and timelapse have been inserted as I have already talked about in review. If you want to read what I think of Horizon Forbidden west you will do it.

Camera adjustments remained similar. The bubble of the camera is almost identical so you will be comfortable.

But the zoom doesn't work the same way. It's set up to have a bit of a break in the former. An important difference to allow greater distance from the subject.

The focal length performs well in both but the blur is more realistic. In the first, the blur is very exaggerated, creating a non-photographic effect as if a program had been used to modify it. It is forced to increase its opening to regularize it.

In the second title, however, the blur is light and more similar to the photographic effect of a car. The focal distance behavior behaves the same and already worked well in both titles.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden West

Timelapse is automatically moving time forward even looking for the best light automatically. It's an interesting effect but it's great for making videos rather than photos. On the internet there are already many videos of other titles with the same mechanics but they are made with tools. Putting it directly into photo mode is a really great and missing addition to the first title.

Last but not least, I keep the great variety between postures and facial expressions inserted. The choices have practically quadrupled.

Forbidden West has improved a lot of things especially on the photographic yield but the shooting adjustments have been worsened.

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