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Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Testing and Review Photo Mode

Indie game by Ember Lab. In the game you play as Kena, a spiritual guide whose task is to facilitate the passage of the souls of the dead, without them remaining anchored to the earthly world. With the help of the Rot, which are nothing more than creatures at your person, very useful to help you in certain operations and passages of history (such as storing / opening containers, your little one will be captured or captured), it will be possible to clean up the entire valley.

Activate Photo Mode: Button up analog

Camera freedom: vote 7

We have a good withdrawal distance which is not enough for particularly large landscapes but it is fine to get a good rendering. Using the zoom we can widen the margin but it tends to be aberrated.

Instead, if we want close-ups or very close-ups, we have a great approach.

We can get very close to the subjects even risking the shelling of the elements.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

Beautiful use for an indie game and better than many triple A game.

The opening is simplified especially for beginners and with R3 the focus is automatically adjusted. If you are inexperienced with Photo Modes it is a great test to learn.

Too bad the small opening adjustments are missing even on small details but that's okay.

Ability to change the character: vote 8

We have good choices but it is not always possible to do so.

Kena can create smiles in the shot

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 7

Tiny adjustments on brightness only. No contrast adjustments.

Filters: vote 8

We have 6 Filters that we can handle Many variations and also with almost true results.

The ability to adjust the filter is missing.

Frames: vote 7

We have 3 options (square, portrait and ultrawide).

Camera adjustment: vote 7

With the updates, the possibility of verticalizing the shot has also been included. In the beginning it was a big lack.

Logo: absent

There is no possibility to insert any logo inside the shot.


An experienced virtual photographer will feel very limited in the possibilities given.

A young or less practical photographer will have ease without too many pretensions.



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