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Selene Vassos is an astronaut chosen by the ASTRA Corporation to explore the boundaries of the universe aboard its Helios spacecraft. During the investigation of a particular signal called Pale Shadow, the spacecraft is the victim of an engine failure forcing Selene to make a crash landing on the planet FISCHER-265-I, commonly known as Atropos.

The protagonist's goal therefore becomes to reach the signal at any cost, in the hope of being able to get in touch with Astra and send her coordinates to receive help. Exploring the territory, inhospitable both for climate and vegetation, Selene comes across a corpse, remaining speechless after identifying her own body. After this event she learns how the space-time fabric is torn, bringing her close to the scene of the accident after her death, and trapping her in a cycle that brings her back to the starting point.

With the 2.0 update, the Photo Mode that was previously absent was added.

Activate Photo Mode: Button up analog

Freedom camera: vote 7

We have a fair amount of distance as to get closer to the details.

The limits are probably due to the game's graphics engine. There is a framing grid to adjust distances.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

We have 2 settings, very basic, but they do their job very well. Decreasing the aperture we notice how the blur softens on Selene's details.

Ability to change the character: absent

The character should be posed according to the situation. Personally I found few possibilities dictated by his movements especially in the movements: jumping, sprinting and shooting are fairly fixed actions. In smaller movements, such as standing still and watching, she has much more realistic and wide head movements.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 9

I could spend many hours on it because we have many possibilities and variations. Starting with the variations of light and contrast up to a screen dedicated to gradients. Being able to manage the colors is certainly an element of note.

Filters: vote 8

We have 6 Filters that we can handle Many variations and also with almost true results. The ability to adjust the filter is missing.

Frames: vote 8

We have different types of frames that can also be combined with artistic effects. Definitely an excellent choice to give more possibilities without limits

Camera adjustment: vote 8

There is a slight alteration of the shot when we go vertically.

Logo: vote 7

I lowered the grade by one point because the logo menu is really rich. There are different logos that you can insert both in size, position and color. A remarkable and varied work sin cannot rotate.


A great photomode with its limitations but certainly with potential. A novice and an expert can have fun with these tools without getting bored



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