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First look: Forspoken

We tested the Forspoken Photo Mode.

After the event of The Game Awards 2022, a Demo of Forspoken was released to be able to try it on consoles. A Photo mode is already present inside, therefore the analysis will be made only on what is present as some functions are clearly switched off.

It can be activated with the Start button and you can find the function inside.

We have a fixed crosshair and it can be upgraded with the L3 key. With the Triangle key we hide the whole interface.

The camera has good maneuverability and has a very close movement dome; sometimes you may encounter the problem that it moves by itself due to game elements (magical effects, stones or other)

The Photo Mode menu is hidden by the up and down keys which I personally find very uncomfortable because you have to go and remember which function is before or after.

Functions present

-Zoom: has a value from 12mm (far) to 50mm (close). The subjects are traversable and it is an advantage allowing you to get really close.

-Frame: to date you only have one which is an antique type frame.

-Sticker size: present but not adjustable.

-Vignette: creates a very light halo with adjustable intensity. Even with the maximum value it makes little.

-Filter balance: present but not adjustable.

-Color filter: we have 4 types red, blue, green and purple which mainly adjust the color balance of the shadows clearly.

-Wide angle: it is hardly present in the Photo Modes and clearly distorts the lens

-Brightness: the 0 value leads to a total black but the jump between 0.1 and 0 is really too sharp. With the maximum value we do not get a total white.

-Color saturation: we can cancel the colors by lowering everything but the maximum value does not extreme the colors.

-Contrast: very light too as an adjustment, not making any real changes.

-Adjust exposure: it is the function that I find best because it really increases by changing the shot in an important way.

-Adjust Focus and Depth of Field: I analyze them together because the depth of field must be adjusted to activate the focus adjustment. The 2 adjustments work well but it is very approximate without exaggerating.

Tilt: Adjust up to 180° from right to left.

Every time you take the shot it will be saved with the Square enix copyright watermark typical of its games.


A Photo Mode with a good chance of framing the subject as we prefer. The adjustments don't help to improve the shot and in a game with a large action component it is important to be able to do so.

My fear is that it will come out like this with the addition of missing functions but it's really a shame given the artistic component of the title.


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