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Gran Turismo 7 - First look "Scapes"

What do we know today after the progress?

The Gran Turismo brand has always been synonymous with quality and realism dedicated to the world of cars and it would be a shame not to include a photo mode. Over the years, especially thanks to the community, people have always wanted to publish photos of their purchased cars via social media.

We remember the interview released by Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital, which he anticipated months ago in the "Behind the scenes". Today we can take a closer look at it after the Playstation State of Play.

We already know a lot of information about this photo mode that they proudly still call "Scapes" which I always find a beautiful term since it will make us just "escape from reality". But it is not a fictional reality because visual realism is as similar to what we see. Yamauchi states with textual words: "Scapes offers a new world of photography, and is mode where you can travel the world with your favorite car."

And it looks like it will be.

GT Sport has made school for this photo mode with updates. The interface becomes cleaner and tidier.

Aperture and focus are finally positioned close together since they are adjustments made together and Exposure blurring, very important, has been inserted to determine the depth of the shot.

They updated the position of the writings in the location screen by also inserting a specific subtext while before the writing was in the middle, annoying and covering.

The rest of the adjustments seem unchanged from the previous title since the functions were already excellent.

As per specification hdr requires hdr display.

There is talk of over 400 machines, 34 locations and 97 layouts for a game that promises to be a great diversity for us photographers.

The game will be released on March 4, 2022 and is developed by Polyphony Digital and Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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