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The Invincible

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The Invincible review landscape

Scale humanity's omnipotence in The Invincible: an adventure set in Stanislaw Lem's hard sci-fi universe. In the role of scientist Yasna she travels to Regis III, a planet in the constellation of Lyra, she searches for the spaceship Invincible to investigate the disappearance of the sister spaceship Condor. After landing on the planet, which appears completely desert, the Condor is found half-buried in the sand, with its very hard molybdenum alloy armor pitted and with the corpses of the crew showing no signs of wounds, poisoning or radioactivity.

Make your choices in a philosophical story dictated by science.

Activate Photo Mode: Options button and Photo Mode (immediate stop)

The Invincible photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 8

The freedom of the cameras is good and does not create particular problems. The use of the Unreal Engine leaves many possibilities even in photo mode and does not hinder, even against objects you can push hard enough. The distance from the character is good but the FOV distances (as in the photo) guaranteeing solutions. The scenarios of The Invincible are very vast and for this reason it is not enough, penalizing the final yield a lot.

The Invincible construnction under sand

Camera adjustment: vote 5

Unfortunately, the rotation of the camera does not even reach 45° degrees in both directions. This is a big problem for all fans of vertical shots and very limiting. It has a small adjustment for each degree of rotation. I hope it will be changed in future paths of the game.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

I have to compliment you on the use of focus because it is very well done. Simple and works well, guaranteeing various closures even isolating the subject. At first glance it seems to work poorly, also due to the position in the second menu, but with a little practice you will be able to master it in the right way. If I have to find a flaw in it, it's in the choice of the focus option which there is no numbering.

The Invincible photo mode

Ability to change the character: vote 7

8 possibilities to change the character and add or remove the helmet. I found at least half of the positions very beautiful and functional for taking shots that can give an idea of the game. You can really have fun but the character is really isolated from the environment. I happened to take shots with the character sitting but the final result was disappointing. Even by placing yourself on the edge of a falling stone, rotating it in all directions, Yasna does not support it in any way as if it were a polygon outside the game world. It would have been enough to include the possibility of moving or rotating the character to improve this function.

The Invincible landscape with moon

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 5

Very simple tool but never reaches its limits. It is possible to adjust brightness and contrast separately. You never get to total white but it's just a light veil, excellent if you want to create foggy effects, environment permitting. If you are looking for shots to maintain balanced tones you could find yourself very well.

Filters: vote 7

It's possible to use up to 9 filters at least in the beta version I played. No names are used but with the exception of the recognizable black and white (filter 1), the other 9 aim to accentuate certain color tones and levels. Filter 2 illuminates the entire environment creating a natural effect for indoor environments. Filter 3 lowers and balances the tones creating a fantastic effect. Filter 4 builds on the Red Filter by lowering, not eliminating, other colors. Filter 5 saturates all colors. From Filter 6 to 9 there are different adjustments for the colors and also changing the tone levels. There is no possibility to adjust the filters which would have been a good thing.

Frames: absent

Logo: absent

Vignetting: Simple and easy to use. Creates a light oval-shaped vignette effect vertically. Normally the vignette moves from the outer edges and tries to move towards the center but here it's different. The light is evident in the upper portion of the screen centrally


Artistically the game is wonderful and with a graphic quality that will allow you to take shots of great beauty. The tools to use are few and simple but it is possible to get some good work done. The lack of full verticality is a deficit that will hopefully be fixed in future patches.



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