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The Last of Us Part 2

Report Photo Mode

Following the events of the first chapter, Joel Miller confesses to his brother Tommy that he prevented the Lights from carrying out the surgery that would have found a cure for the epidemic linked to the Cordyceps fungus that is tormenting the world, which however would have led to the Ellie's death. Four years later, Joel and Ellie settled in Jackson, Wyoming, albeit slowly drifting away from each other. From here begins the second part of the famous Naughty Dog title.

Activate Photo Mode: Start and Photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 7

The camera is very armored with the movements that you can create and carry out but you have train. Creating the great shots is doable but you have to make good use of the freedom of the camera, combined with zoom and field of view. You can set the game view that further locks you in.

It's like a great camera: it needs to be studied

Camera adjustment: vote 7

You can manage the tilt up to 120° grade and the rotation is almost perfect.

You will probably have to correct a little angle.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 9

The depth of field was created with intelligence and simplicity even for the less experienced. We are not talking about openings but about distance and intensity. You will see the blurs lean against the polygons of objects, faces and details. The three-dimensionality will be evident in your shots by increasing the intensity.

Ability to change the character: absent

The game allows us to play different characters and even the same one at different ages but it is not possible to set or adjust anyone within the photo mode.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 8

It is interesting the choice not to insert the contrast but find brightness, sharpness and saturation. The realization of the photo mode is done well in fact the use of brightness regulates the whole environment. Sharpness is a very welcome addition.

Filters: vote 8

20 exceptional filters because different from each other, calibrated with the world and modifying in a radical way. You will really have a great choice and freedom by also adjusting the intensity.

Frames: vote 10

You can use 6 frames and you can really do everything with the ability to adjust the color and its intensity. Each shot gains expressiveness based on the purpose you want to achieve: landscape (2.39 or 2.75 or even 4.0) or 1: 1 shots (1.33). Here too we see the choice of wanting to bring the less experienced closer to photo mode.

Logo: vote 7

There are some logos including symbols and of Naughty Dog but the use is very simplified. The positions are fixed in 6 positions and we can adjust the size. Too bad the absence of rotation especially for vertical shots.

Screen Effects: You can adjust chromatic aberration, film grain, and motion blur

Vignetting: they have dedicated a window for its adjustment and intensity


A high-level photo mode within everyone's reach, both novices and experts. You will capture great shots that will breathe, alone, The Last of Us Part 2. Photorealism is assured.


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