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Death Stranding

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Sam Porter Bridges is a courier in a world where America is devastated by an event known as Death Stranding, which brought from the Beach, a dimension that serves as a link to the afterlife, creatures known as "Stranded Creatures" (CA) in the world. These creatures also brought to Earth a terrible event known as Timefall, a particular rain that has the ability to manipulate the time of everything it touches, causing plants to sprout and grow at an extremely fast rate and aging and deteriorating. any entity and objects, for example men, loads and structures.

With the support of the Bridges team and a BB assigned to him after the first chasm he will witness in the game, Sam must rescue Amelie and bring her back so that he can take Bridget's place as president of the UCA.

Activate Photo Mode:

Analog button up (version Death Stranding), Middle button (version Death Stranding Director's Cut)

Camera freedom: vote 9

The game would need a completely free camera for size, space and freedom to express yourself but you can really walk away and really get close at will. The focal length then allows you to reach even higher levels whether you want landscape or particularly close details. The adjustments will seem woody because they go jerkily but for those who want small corrections it is a really good thing.

Camera adjustment: vote 8

You can adjust the camera up to 90 ° rotating perfectly while maintaining the center. More freedom in rotation could be asked for.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 10

the three-dimensional polygons of the game are really well done and it won't be difficult for you to create the right depths. The aperture starts from f / 1.4 to f / 22.0 closing and opening in the correct way. The focus starts from small distances of 0.3m to 150.0m and you can really make all the adjustments you need. A depth of field designed for both professionals and young photographers because you can also set an automatic focus.

Ability to change the character: vote 10

In the game you play Sam Porter Bridges and also escort you BB. In this photomode a really nice touch has been given because you can modify both characters in the positions and in the facial poses. This is the first step of the adjustments but a bit more work has been done by also adjusting where you want the character to look (down or towards you or whatever).

Finally, it is also possible to change the inclination of the character or the lighting of the BB.

The absence of removing the character is missing.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 9

Many are happy to adjust the brightness of a shot while I prefer to use exposure because it adjusts what our eye sees. In Death Stranding it is used and you can adjust the contrast. Both adjustments go to the extreme of levels and you really have a lot of possibilities to make different shots

Filters: vote 8

14 filters to choose from and you can also adjust the intensity. There is no saturation adjustment but you can do it with them. It takes practice and training but each of them will help you stand out from other areas.

Frames: vote 9

15 frames including the fundamentals (cinema, poster, square) until you find the variants of them with other particular effects (square with white background, the imprint, etc.).

Logo: vote 9

Youu can only use the game logo on 24 different colors and you can adjust its position and rotation. Too bad the absence of being able to adjust the size.

Elements on the screen: the signs, the writings or the scanner can be inserted or removed according to your preferencer.

Noise: there is no lack of adjustment even if even at high levels it is not so incisive

Lens effect: this screen has been inserted where you can adjust vignetting (intensity and size), lens distortion and chromatic aberration. Additions that serve and are good for photomode.


The best photo mode around today because it has all the basic settings and adds diversification options. The tools are within reach of all photographers and their imagination.



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