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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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The game begins with the Guardians already assembled and under the guidance of Star Lord (Peter Quill): the will to make easy money and the characteristic skill in doing so by getting into trouble will lead them to be fined by the Nova Corps. The short time available and the large sum requested does nothing but throw our protagonists into even greater trouble. From there the adventure starts and, without making spoilers, will deepen the nature of each character where the dialogues are the very nature of the game.

Activate Photo Mode: Start and Photo mode

Camera freedom: vote 9

The freedom of the camera goes hand in hand with its ease of use. I also include indoors, the camera really has a lot of room to maneuver. With the exception of the invisible limits given by the programmers, many times it is easy to go around the polygons created and also be able to cross them: also help yourself with the orbital camera if necessary. Unfortunately the field of view deforms too much when moving away and is bad for landscapes. Conversely, if I approach it it deforms very little and it is possible to create really interesting details.

Camera adjustment: vote 7

The ability to rotate reaches up to 90 ° in both directions. Unfortunately, since the grids are missing, it is difficult to correctly assess whether the rotation is faithful to the central point. I also made several tests with other instruments and I noticed that the 90 ° angle tends to go beyond a little.

Aperture and focus adjustment: vote 8

We have several tools for adjustment including whether or not to insert this tool: depth of field, aperture, focal distance, focus on the character and intensity blur. For novices it is certainly a full menu and with many choices in fact you will find many solutions for your shots. I will analyze each of the points.

- The aperture does not have an in /f measurement but is easily usable. By lowering the value we have a really high aperture closure inversely, by raising the value, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation because a complete opening does not take place.

- The focal distance does a worthy job because it moves on low adjustment values ​​and we can really be precise in what we do.

- Autofocus is a really handy tool also because it will look for the various Guardians to better focus on the objective of your shot.

- The Blur intensity is nothing more than to adjust the blur you want to achieve. Lowering completely the blur will disappear completely while inversely increasing you will have a really interesting effect.

Put together you can make some very interesting shots but we have several problems both on landscapes and on portraits.

Keeping all the values ​​high you will never have shots, I am talking about very long distances, with three-dimensional sensations. If we talk about very close-ups we will have excellent closures but the three-dimensional models are very grainy (hair, fur) but you will have excellent results.

Ability to change the character: vote 10

You have at least 13 poses combined with 7 facial expressions .. and with 5 characters. Lots of fun for you photographers. You can make the character look into the camera, not always perfect, and be able to remove the character from the shot. You have a very large set up and my every other word would be useless.

Brightness and contrast adjustments: vote 6

We don't have brightness adjustment but exposure compensation. Obviously the term is correct but it is a problem to use it because it will be a tool that you will really use with the dropper given the effect it creates.

Contrast is a tool that doesn't do its job properly because it not only increases the light and dark parts but also adjusts the color. This does not have to happen because it completely alters the composition and we are forced to use saturation to counterbalance.

Filters: vote 7

They inserted 7 filters including the negative. Each filter is unique and interesting and here lies the most experienced photographer using it properly. Personally, I have not varied much in my choices.

Frames: vote 8

Aspect ratio is how shutter ratios are identified in Guardians of the Galaxy. We have the choice of 4:3, 16:9, 1:1 and 2.39:1 (cinematic).

Logo: vote 8

You can have fun among the 33 frames to choose from. The frames are among the most diverse and particular seen in other superhero videogames.

The simplest of all is missing: a game logo that you can choose where to insert at will. The writers probably hadn't thought of the simplest choice for such a whimsical and fun game.

Orbital camera: I have already talked about it above but it is an addition that is personally comfortable for some shots but given the great freedom of the camera it is an element that I have used very few times.


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy photo mode could shine, luckily it's artistically gorgeous and you can really enjoy taking pictures.



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